Healthy,Happy Me!

Read a great article from ”Fitness Magazine” on the 100 Best Diet Tricks of All Time. Here is the article with my top #15 favorites from this list. 

These are tricks that I practice or have started to put in place recently:

1. Eat at least 80% of things that grow and no more than 20% things that walk

2. Keep a food journal (I use MyFitnessPal)

3. Set a tangible goal with a firm deadline

4. Blog your goal; it’s harder to quit in front of an audience

5. Work out in the a.m. - this reduced your motivation for food

6. Think of an image of yourself fit. When a craving occurs, picture the image

7. Put the soda away! Drinking soda may make muscles less likely to burn fat


9. Don’t eat carbs after lunch- follow this rule and you WILL lose weight

10. Change your goal from “lose 20 lbs” to “lose 1 lb, 20 times”

11. Increase the strength component of your workout. Adding lean muscle to your body not only tones, it also increases your metabolism

12. Eat slowly- if you go out for Chinese, eat with chopsticks- you’ll be surprised how slow it makes you and how full you feel faster (I do this at buffets all the time!)

13. Don’t drink your calories! Save them for food only! 

14. Finish eating 3 hours before bedtime! (normally this is around 7)

15. During your workout, rest no more than 30 second between exercises. This will dramatically bump your calorie burn!

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